charlotte allen

Digital Design, 2020.


The world's first global online community, connected through events, classes and hangout's to bring those together in lock down virtually.


In collaboration with Google and the Creative Mentor Network, I was selected as a finalist to become part of the Google Five mentor programme. The brief asked how, using design could I promote health and well-being during covid-19.

'Google Together' uses Google Earth data to allow people all around the world to join or host events, workshops and live gigs from their home.
Recreating your much-missed book club, or your needed AA meeting, or even live gigs. Events can be attended with friends, or you can fly solo.

Google Together gives those in lock down a sense of purpose again, allowing them to curate their own weeks and form a calendar, filling it up with big, or even small events so those at home have something to look forward to.