charlotte allen
multidisciplinary creative driven by social impact, currently based in Amsterdam
LemonAid Art Direction & Campaign with Aoife O'Doherty, Lydia Barba, Scarlett Chetwin + Ollie George. [2017] A live campaign with Amnesty International to lobby the UK government to integrate and welcome more refugees into the country. A lemon is one of the vital items carried in the backpacks of refugees whilst on their way to asylum. The lemon is used to help aid sea sickness when crossing deadly seas. We gave out over 200 lemons to passers-by in the centre of London to remind those embarking on a different journey. In exchange for a lemon the public gave their signature which was then taken to the government. The lemon became a symbol of safe passage, reminding those far from the crisis of its power. People were encouraged to share how they used their lemon at home, using the hashtag #ForTheJourney. The project was awarded Gold at the Creative Conscience Awards, 2017. Scroll down for campaign video.
info + 04 - 'what to eat, when' 
2021 seasonal wall calendar