charlotte allen
multidisciplinary creative driven by social impact, currently based in Amsterdam
04 - Pop up seasonal 3 course dinners inspired by social causes 02 - Identity for the Less Alcohol Unit for the World Health Organisation 05 - 'What to eat, when' 2021 seasonal wall calendar 06 - Take away pizza dough incentive for Baking Lab, Amsterdam 03 - Identity for the World Health Organisation 01 - 'I'm Bored Of Running Get Me to a Club' t-shirt campaign to raise money for the night life industry during COVID-19
07 - Virtual platform to bring people together in lockdown globally
09 - Exhibition showcasing the beauty of recycled plastic
08 - Online food blog to help those suffering from inflammatory bowel disease
10 - Kitchen stool made from 1 months worth of my household waste 11 - Cabinet made from local Dutch tree with artist Willem Van Doorn
12 - Public installation in Croydon, London 14 - the infamous Red & Blue Chair replica
13 - photographic series documenting tape placed over webcams
15 - plastic recycling centre inside a shipping container placed in Male City, Maldives
info + 04 - 'what to eat, when' 
2021 seasonal wall calendar