A kitchen stool made from one months worth of my household recyclable waste. Prolong is a 65cm high

3 legged stool that shows the potential of discarded materials, and a new visualisation of waste.

Creative Conscience Winner, 2018.

Process film


Public play equipment for young people made from

re purposed office furniture. Post-Office is an installation that comments on the imbalance of the lack of free public space in Croydon, and 1 in 8

offices standing empty today.

With Seb Price.


Builder, curator & organiser for Kingston Graphics Weekend 2018 Degree Show. The show was made up of a modular design system, 3 different sixed cubes allowed for the show to change, develop and grow over the weekend. Being free to change to a workspace area, stage for talks or even a dance floor.

A response to my recent diganosis of having Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I was frustrated by contradicting dietary information online, so I have set up my own food blog whereby I post recipes and foods that have helped me through the disease. My Good Gut is a personal documentation of my journey having the illness, but also a place for community for those also suffering form the disease.

Speculating the future of holiday tourism in countries previously, or currently at war through stamp imagery. 'Wishing You Were Here' creates holiday memorabilia through

re appropriating stamp imagery. WIP